Girl Lifestyle: Mentor and Mentee Relationship

Girl Lifestyle: Mentor and Mentee Relationship

Mentor and Mentee Relationship

I had to talk about this, cos I think we are mincing roles. Which one is yours again? Somebody needs to be mentored, and somebody needs to mentor.

How to have a Good Mentor and Mentee Relationship

How to Start

Look around. There has to be somebody who needs to be mentored or who could mentor you. At every stage of our pursuits or interest, they should be someone to look up to. As mentors, we ought to be prepared to pass the baton to mentees who are ready receive it.

Be an opportunist

It doesn’t have to be in that exclusive way. Thank God for the follow button on social media, the way our celebrities are now easily accessible, the exclusive interviews on our media platforms. There is always something to learn. You may watch from the side lines. Oh please mentor, can we learn something?


I have to do most of these when I am around my mentors. Take note(s) a lot too. Please mentors, I know we are really busy, plus a lot of people competing for our attention, but some of us mentees, really mean business.

Let me share this fond memory. I remember a time in my life when I was really looking for who to look up to. And on one of those days, I met this amazing, talented woman, who fit into my wanna-be check-list.  It all started like baby-stepping, then she took me through these crazy regimes. Today I can say that I see myself now, in the light of who I wanted to be then.

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