Men’s Corner: What Makes a Woman a Wife Material?

Men’s Corner: What Makes a Woman a Wife Material?

wife material

Welcome to the first article in a series I have tagged “Men’s Corner“. It is a long list of articles addressing Kamdolls majorly and examining topics and issues of different varieties from men’s perspective.

Today we would be looking at the topic of what makes a woman a wife material.

So let’s face it, marriage is a big deal. Nobody wants ever to have to get married (especially in an elaborate way) and get separated from their spouse or worse, file for divorce. Of course, this is a recurring theme in the world of celebrities and entertainers. But regular people like you and I can do better than that yeah?

So if marriage is the beautiful thing that it is, it is important that we men make the right choices in choosing a woman to be the wife. Well basically because you get to live with this person for many years, and wake up to the person almost every morning for the rest of your life after your wedding. Hence the search for the most qualified woman to marry, which we usually call ‘wife material’.

Although what specifically defines wife material varies from one man to another, there are general qualities that cut across Nigerian men.

What makes a woman a wife material? Let’s find out, shall we?

wife material

How well she can cook? – Let’s face it. The average Nigerian man loves food, and not just food but good food. A woman that cannot consistently make her man happy with the meals she cooks will not easily score high on the wife material sheet. Although there are alternatives to the inability of a wife to cook (eating out, noodles, hiring a chef, etc.) but for how long would that be kept up? 

She should be spiritually ‘woke’: This is Nigeria. A lot of things happen in our lives and homes that go beyond the physical realm into the world of the spiritual. It is true that a man must be the head of the family in every area, including spiritually but the woman by his side too must not dull in the things of God, especially with prayers. No one is asking for her to be a prayer warrior that prays for two hours daily and fasts for forty days. She should just be good enough to keep the home together in prayers.

She should be great in bed: They say you cannot eat your cake and have it. Can that be the case too when you marry a good girl that can cook, prays fire but is horrible in bed? Let’s divert a little bit to the issue of good girl Vs bad girl.

wife material

First definitions. A good girl is a supposedly innocent girl who has not been ‘all around town’. She has kept herself away from vices for most of her life. A bad girl is that girl that had lost her virginity since she was fifteen, drinks a lot, and has a body count probably in double digits.

Now every man wants to have a woman that can make him feel the best of pleasures during sex and only someone with the experience can do that, which in this case is the bad girl. But a bad girl may not be able to do the other essential stuff that is required. So what do we do?

It boils down to one word – learn. Both types of girls should learn what they do not know. Let the good girl learn how to give a man a good time in bed (there are tonnes of materials on this) and let the bad girl who knows how to bang either find out how to do other stuff or hire people that can. But there is only so much that other people can do for her in her home.

This topic is quite huge and cannot be treated in a single post. I would cover the rest of it next week.

What do you think about what makes a woman a wife material? What’s your criteria? Share in the comments below.

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