Knowing the Shape of Your Breast

Knowing the Shape of Your Breast

Knowing the Shape of Your Breast

Knowing the Shape of Your Breast

While I was growing up, I had a funny obsession with boobs (please don’t ask me why). I often wondered how people developed sagging boobs, like does the breast sag naturally or are there factors that contribute to it, how do you know the correct shape and style of bra to wear, do certain outfits require certain types of bras?

It didn’t help that I heard stories about women who sag after breastfeeding and it literally freaked me out so I went digging and came to my own conclusions such as never tie your towel or wrapper too tightly to your chest, if you belong to team big bust, always wear an underwire bra for support and to prevent “dangling” etc. Anyways, in my quest for more knowledge I found out that every woman has a unique boob shape and once you figure out your shape it helps in the purchase of the appropriate bra to suit your body.

According to lingerie experts ThirdLove there are the 7 different types  …read and learn.

assymeteric boobsType #1. Asymmetric boobs: So like the typical asymmetric shape, the lady who has this breast spec has two unequal sized breasts.  In my head, I think ALL women have this, however for some, it is more conspicuous than others.

Need to Know: To correct this, you need a padded bra that fits the smaller breast and remove the pad from the larger one so that they can both fit perfectly and look albeit equal.

roundType #2The round boobs: Prior to now, I was under the assumption that all women have round breast however, experts say “some are rounder than others”. This shape is well proportionate, both the top and bottom of the breast are of the same shape and size.

Need to know:  If you have this shape, clap for yourself, you can pull off bras without under wire or pad as you are already nicely shaped.

east west 2Type #3. East West: You have this shape if you have smaller breasts which points out away from your chest literally facing “East and West” and there is a noticeable gap between the two, also your nipples are facing either direction.

Need to Know: To make the most of this breast shape opt for a T-shirt bra. This would bring in the breast slightly and make it even and more centralized 

Side setType #4. Side Set: Like East West they are more or less the same only difference is that the Side set breast is fuller.

Need to know: This requires a plunging bra as the t-shirt bra might not be able to hold the fuller breast in place. You might also want to consider a size bigger than your regular size as the side set sometimes spills out the side. The plunge bra will give a good lift and pull both breasts in.

Slender 2Type #5. Slender: These breasts are typically smaller at the top than the bottom and they are longer than they are wide.

Need to know: A plunge bra is also ideal for this sort of shape as it will hoist the breast up, you might also consider trying a variety of padded option to give a more interesting outlook.

bellType #6. Bell Shape: If your breasts are slimmer/narrower at the top than at the bottom and fuller at the bottom than the top then you are bell shaped.

Need to know: Ladies with Bell shape often require a bit more support and coverage and are advised to stay away from the balconette bra.

tear dropType #7. Tear drops: They are considered the idea or perfect breast. People pay good money for this so if you’re naturally endowed with this, you’re lucky. These boobs are rounded but slightly less full at the top however not as small as bell then this my dear, is you.

Need to know: You can be adventurous and enjoy virtually any shape and or style of bra of your choice.

There you have it! The next time you want to shop for that bra do consider your shape in order to give you the most comfort and is most flattering to your shape.

Don’t know your exact bra size, go HERE and learn how to determine your bra size.


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