Kamdora Wedding: Complete Wedding Planning Checklist

Kamdora Wedding: Complete Wedding Planning Checklist
Wedding Planning Checklist

Can’t believe it’s already the last month of the year. Wow! This year has gone by very quickly. December is here. For those who planned on being proposed to this year, do not worry, it can still happen. You have 2,678,400 Seconds, 44,640 Minutes, 744 Hours, 31 Days, and 5 weeks for it to happen. So hang in there.

However, for those who have already been proposed to and are either getting married this month or next year. Yes, we do know how stressful planning a Nigerian wedding can be even when you employ a wedding planner. From the wedding cake to the wedding venue, creating a wedding invitation, choosing the bridal party, planning the wedding menu, deciding on wedding entertainment – DJ vs Live Band or even both. Its’s still your decision to make. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! … we completely understand the struggle and you can breathe now. Check out this complete wedding planning checklist below which will leave you less stressed. Feel free to download it. We are life savers right? .. lol

Wedding Planning Checklist - Photo credit
Wedding Planning Checklist – Photo credit POPSUGAR via Pinterest

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