Fashion Tips For Ladies With Small boobs

Fashion Tips For Ladies With Small boobs

Fashion Tips For Ladies With Small boobs

Not having big boobs can be both a blessing a curse. A blessing because the fashion world as a whole seems to think that small breasts are chic, and so most outfits are made to compliment women with smaller boobs. A curse because well nothing ever fits you properly.

A lot of girls with smaller chests think that girls with bigger chests don’t deserve to complain and vice versa. Well before i start let me just say this, kamdolls love your body and embrace your boobs for they great and flawless too. That being said here our our top fashion tips for kamdolls with small boobs.

 Fashion Tips For Ladies With Small boobs

Fashion and style advice for kamdolls with small boobs involve either

a. embracing and playing up their bust

b. creating an appearance of a fuller and bigger bust.

1. Necklines: Unlike low necklines, high ones flatter small boobs without drawing too much attention to them. If you must go for a low cut neckline, dust a bit of bronzer between your boobs to add some dimension and make them look a little bigger. Plunging necklines are easy to pull-off thank to the size of your boobs.

2. Upper-body: Drawing attention to your upper body (arms and shoulders) without the focus being on your chest. Do upper-body workouts such as push-ups will help the pectoral muscles grow which will boost your boobs.

3. Waistline: Choose outfits that clinch and accentuates the smallest area of your waistline. This works to create an illusion of bigger/ fullers boobs. Some of these outfits include

a. Pants with flared bottoms eg boot cut pants. These act to create an illusion a smaller waist which in turns creates a bigger boob vision.

b. Wider waist belts 

4. Go Backless:

Backless pieces are so classy and elegant and while kamdolls with bigger boobs usually have to worry about support and bras, you can easily go sans bra!

5. Tops and Dress: 

Stick with outfits esp tops that

i. come in bright colours as the work to create a bigger boo appearance. 

ii. have ruffles or embellishments around the chest area as these add volume without exaggerating a small bust.

iii. have prints and patterns whether small or big. They draw attention to your bust area and make look larger than they are.

iv. come with breast pockets. This adds to the appearance of a fuller chest.

6. Wrap tops and dresses:

These are a NO for ladies with smaller boobs. They don’t flatter your boobs at all.


1. Shoulders back: slouching will make your boobs look weird, and will also up your nip slip risk factor. 

2. Wear the right size of bra (read HERE).

Which of these problems can you relate to the most? Which do you disagree with? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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