Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Women

Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Women

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It’s often hard to raise a hefty amount of money to start a business especially being distracted by material things such as the release of the latest collection by your favourite designer or that trip to Dubai. The recession has also made things really difficult affecting Forex (Foreign Exchange), making it difficult to import. Imagine now £1 is N450 Naira and $1 is N330 Naira. It’s really hard to be an entrepreneur right now. However, here lies the opportunity for dreamers who want to be solution providers to create solutions within our environment.

You might have a dream of building an empire or having a store in a prestigious location like Lekki in Lagos. However, financial constraints might mean starting small. It is still okay to dream big, but it is also important to be realistic about your current financial situation. Instead of starting at level 5, why not start at level 1? In order to gain financial freedom, owning a successful business is the first step towards achieving that goal.

Here are Some Business Ideas You Can Start With Little to Nothing:

  1. Homemade Food delivery service to offices, businesses & Homes
  2. Mobile Smoothie Bar
  3. Mobile Salad Bar
  4. Mobile Nail Bar
  5. Mobile Salon bar
  6. Make-up retailing i.e. House of Tara, Zaron & Dabota
  7. Online Personal Shopping Services
  8. Uber Taxi Hiring Services
  9. Home Laundry services
  10. Vintage / Second-Hand clothing retailing

Think about monetizing your existing assets such as your car, home and household equipment. For example, hire a driver to run the Uber Taxi Service. Do leverage on your network, don’t be shy to ask for recommendations from family and friends. Please do remember to put some money away as savings to contribute towards building that big dream. Before you know it, the dream will become a reality. May God bless our Hustle. Amen.

Mariam Tijani
Nigeria Born, England Raised & now Lagos Resident. I love Fashion, Design, Adventure, World Cuisine, Music, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am on a mission to Inspire African Youths.

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