DIY: How To Remove Period Stains Effortlessly

DIY: How To Remove Period Stains Effortlessly
How To Remove Period Stains Effortlessly

As a lady, I always dread that time of the month.. Not only do I feel yucky all over, I also have to battle with mood swings, hormonal changes and most of all, stained underwear.

Once in a month, I am faced with the icky task of trying to scrub the mess from my clothes and bedsheets before stains sets in. There are times I have no choice but to throw away another pair of panties or set of bed sheets.

One good thing I discovered recently is that there are easy ways to get the red stain out fast. This saves my and get me back to lying on the couch and popping ibuprofen. 🙁

1. If the stain is fresh:

Put the stained piece in the sink and let the force of the water  gushing out of the tap dissolve the blood real fast. -If some stubborn blood stain remain, then go on and apply some soap and wash lightly. This should take care of that.

2. If the stain is old and dried:

For this, apply some baking soda + Vinegar + hydrogen peroxide mixture or alternatively bleach (for white items) on a towel and gently dab on stain spot. This should do the trick.

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