What Every Lady Should Have In Her Bag

What Every Lady Should Have In Her Bag

Going around asking people do you have this, do you have that can be super frustrating. It is better to get your self prepared for any form of emergency. So, I will give you an idea of what every lady should have in her bag.

Whenever I carry my bag or purse, my brothers always say “calm down , you are not traveling’….lol. They don’t know I am preparing myself for any emergency.

1. Your keys ; This is really essential. You should have all your keys in one key holder, your car key, house key, and any other keys you might have. It is safer to put all of them together.

2.Cash; Cash is something we always need during emergencies. Cash should be something you should not forget to put in your bag. Especially in Nigeria its better to always have cash at hand. I actually hide money in my purse just so incase of any emergency. I am always prepared!

3.Body Lotion; On days when you are in a hurry to leave the house, you get out of the shower and forget to put on some lotion. You can not go walking about with a dry skin. It is advisable to always have it in your bag.

4.Gum or Mint; This is a saving grace for every body not only girls. Your breath can start smelling any minute and you would not want to talk to any someone with a smelling breath. Especially when you just finished eating. Gum can also prevent you from sleeping during a class or at work. A pack of gum in your bag will always do you good.

5. Tampons or pad; We all know what this is and what it is used for. It is very advisable to always have this. You can never tell when your monthly visitor can come knocking.

What Every Lady Should Have In Her Bag


6. Pocket Perfume; You can forget to put this on and its not a crime when you start smelling funny! It is best for you to have it in your bag because of days like this. You might necessarily not have the big deodorant in your bag, a small bottle of perfume can substitute for this.

7. Lips gloss or Chap sticks; The weather can get dry anytime and a break lip does not always look sexy! A chap stick in your purse or bag can always make you a happier woman.

8. Baby Wipes; Baby wipes can go a long way in our lives as girls. You are tired of your make up, you simply wipe it off using wipes. You feel dirty, clean your self up with wipes without having to go back home. It can be a substitute for tissue.

9. Comb; If you carry a rough hair all around, people might assume you are mad or you have a problem. A comb should always be with you as a lady.

10 .Food: It does not necessarily have to be cooked food, you can just have a snack something to chew on when you are hungry. This is not compulsory but I always do because I like eating.


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