How To Rip Your Jeans

How To Rip Your Jeans

How To Rip Your Jeans


Around last week or so a colleague of mine was looking for ripped jeans, and as a good friend I gave her the easy way out, which was ‘rip your old jeans by yourself’ and of course her reply was heck no!

Now I asked her why? and her excuse was, I don’t think it will look nice, so I decided to do a post for all the ‘Stella’s’ out there.

Yes you can rip your jeans, and they’ll still look nice.

You’ll Need;

Light wash jeans


Pumice stone/sandpaper

A ruler


1. Spread the jean on a flat surface

2. Decide on what type of cut you want (decent, ratchet etc.)

3. Measure out the area you want to rip, and how wide you want the cut

4. Use a pumice stone, or a sand paper on the part you want to rip, use the stone to make the part you want to rip, look worn out


You can use the scissors to scratch the surface of the jean till it gets really worn out

5. After that, you can poke some holes with a scissors, or better still, use the scissors to make little tears, after using the pumice stone, or wearing out the surface

6. You can use your fingers to pull out the strands, if they are already very loose from the wearing out with the pumice stone

Tah dah!! you have brand new ripped jeans




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  • margie October 12, 2015 6:05 pm

    Waoh! The DIY ripped jeans is great. Tried it and it turned out nice. Kudos girl.

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