Girl Lifestyle: Just Listen

Girl Lifestyle: Just Listen

Girl Lifestyle Keep Listening

I know right? It’s not easy to be a good listener. Come on, you have a lot to say too, or you just can’t stand what this person is saying. Relax, be put together, then you’ll know how to respond. But, listening is your first option.

How to Listen

  • Not to Talk back

Are you listening to respond? You are just waiting for the person to finish so you can respond. No! don’t listen to talk back.

  • Follow Carefully

Choice of words, emotions, body language, and even what the person is not saying, comprise the information this person is passing across. You don’t wanna miss a thing. Don’t be pre-occupied with the way you are feeling, come out of your feelings and listen.

  • Act like you are listening

I think I know when somebody is not listening to me and you know too. Either you are just waiting to talk back or you are not following. Don’t be a passive listener. Respond to what the person is saying through affirmations, eye contact and proper body language. Don’t act impatient. Remember body speaks louder than words.

  • Listen without interrupting

Impatience in body language, vocal interruptions, all should wait till the person is done talking. You have all the time in the world to express yourself but, you owe this one person, this one moment of silence.

  • Respond Thoughtfully

The thing about listening is that information was being passed across, make sure to respond to it. Assuming you have been listening, this is the time to respond. Bear in mind, the objective of the person talking. If it was just to bare the mind; just listen, if it was to pass information across; listen, if it needs you to take responsibility for anything; then do it, if it is to clarify claims; clarify everything.

When somebody is talking,

it comes from a deep place.

What did you find there? – Kaymee

Take a deep breath, and listen.

Kaymee Bassey
Kaymee Bassey is a presenter and content creator. She's the CM of

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