Top All Time Fashion Tricks and Tips for Stylish Women

Top All Time Fashion Tricks and Tips for Stylish Women
Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily
Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily – Photo Credit

Fashion! Fashion!! Fashion!!! We love you, but we struggle to keep up with you. These tricks and tips will give you a hassle free life with keeping up with trends and fashion.

One Body Part Show

One of the all-time fashion rules is that if you are showing your legs, your cleavage should be covered and vice versa. Showing both at the same time can make you appear trashy.

Hands-free Partying

We are all prone to carry around with us more than we need on a daily basis. However, for a party, all you really need is a small clutch with chain or even a wristlet / wrist purse. Only carry essentials such as small wallet, phone, house/car keys, lipstick or gloss and makeup touch up.

Nubian Skin Underwear
Nubian Skin Underwear – Photo Credit

Bra is Everything

Not only do you need to consider bras fitting to know your actual cup size. You also need to be able to fit two fingers underneath your bra band comfortably. The wrong bra will not only affect your posture but also how the outfits look and fit. However, if you happen to find the right fitting, you exude with confidence. One bra does not fit all, so ensure they are chosen depending on the outfit. T-shirt bra for T-shirts, Polos and similar styles; while plunge is for V-neck outfits. Consider wearing nude underwear for your shade. Everyday bra loose elasticity over three to six months and will need replacing.

Break the Rule

Fashion is all about owning your style. You can decide to wear an Aso Oke skirt with a plain t-shirt.


Especially with the recession going on, buying a new outfit might be a bit difficult. Why not accessorise with jewellery, shoes, bags etc. Don’t also feel obligated to always buy Aso Ebi, take a cue from my aunt who just buys the head gear or ask for the colour chosen. She always almost matches with a clutch bag and shoe too.

Emergency Sewing Kit by Cath Kidston
Emergency Sewing Kit by Cath Kidston

Emergency Sewing Kit

Not only are we prone to having fashion emergencies such as a button popping around the breast area for big chested ladies like myself, or even skirt zip too for bigger hips ladies. However, lives can be saved by just carrying emergency sewing kit which has black, white and/or grey thread, needle, safety pin and button. You might also be saving other sisters too as our sister’s keeper.

Footwear care

In hot climates like Nigeria, it’s best to keep shoes out of a closed closet. Let them air out, if left in boxes, the heat can damage them. If your shoe is wet, let it air dry. If your shoe, trainers or slip on happen to smell, pour and spread evenly three tablespoons of baking soda for 24 hours or overnight to absorb perspiration.


Don’t throw away your old favourite shoe, why not try taking it to a cobbler / shoemaker to refurbish it and watch the magic happen. It will be as good as new again. You can even take a picture of a shoe you saw someone wearing and a good shoemaker will be able to reconstruct it for you at an affordable price.

Signature Style

We hear this time and time again, own your style. If you find one that suits you and you feel comfortable with. Stick with it, just mix it up ones in a while.

Measuring waist with neck trick. - Photo Credit
Measuring waist with neck trick. – Photo Credit

Around the neck trick

If you are too busy to try your clothes on at the store, especially bottoms such as skirts and trousers, hold around your neck. If the waistband touches comfortably, it will slip on. The size of your waist is the same as your neck.

Loosen Tight Pants

We all have one favourite trousers or skirt we tend to struggle to get into. Why not stretch the waist by hand then air dry or with a hairdryer while still wet?

Deodorise in the Freezer

Denim has the tendency of developing an odour over time especially in a hot climate like Nigeria. To avoid stretching in the washing machine. Place denim inside zipping-lock plastic freezer bag for two days.

Solange Knowles and Stylish friends. - Photo Credit
Solange Knowles and Stylish friends. – Photo Credit

Private Stylist

Are you fed up of wearing the same outfits, why not ask a stylish friends opinion to gain a new perspective on remixing your existing wardrobe.

Fragranced Underwear

Instead of throwing away your empty perfume bottle, place inside your underwear draw for lovely fragranced scented underwear.

Matching Hangers

Especially for those who want their space organised and tidy, why not use matching hangers, but it can be differentiated with colour. E.g. Green for shirts etc.

We hope these tricks and tips will be helpful. If you have your own tricks and tips, please feel free to share with us.

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