A Guide To Selecting Your Wedding Night Lingerie

A Guide To Selecting Your Wedding Night Lingerie

Decisions , decisions – seems like that’s what planning a wedding revolves around. You have finally sorted your wedding dress but it doesn’t end there,  you still have to pick out your wedding night lingerie. This decision is extremely important because every bride wants to look her best for her husband that night. Also, unlike all the other decisions, this is a very personal decision as its just for you and your husband. You definitely want to have an unforgettable wedding night

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Your wedding night should be romantic and special, so make sure to invest in bridal lingerie that will help you set that mood. Furthermore, you want to be comfortable while channeling that inner sexy kitten. There’s a lot of choices out there that will guarantee you both factors.

Here are some Tips for Picking Out Your Wedding Night Lingerie:

Consider Your Body Shape:

The first thing to consider is your body shape. Your wedding night lingerie must essentially be flattering and fit well. If you are trying to lose weight in the run up to your wedding, don’t buy your underwear too far in advance in case your sizing changes. Also, what looks good on a skinny lithe model might not look good on your curvy or petite figure. 

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Quality is Key:

Your wedding night is a special occasion and investing in good quality lingerie is essential. Quality lingerie tends to be a bit expensive but it is for a good cause *wink*. You can also always pull out this lingerie on a special occasion, like an anniversary or when you want to ask for something important.

Be Open To Variety:

You might be used to a certain style but be open to variety for this special occasion. There are so many options to play with  options vary from nightgowns to slips, baby-dolls, teddies and corsets. Fabrics and texture are an important factor when picking your wedding night lingerie. Go for silk or satin if you’re shy to reveal a lot and want to have a demure look. Or lace and sheer are definitely a sexier and bolder choice. You could also play with color. The traditional color is white or ivory but you could go with deeper colors if you want to be bold.

Have a Budget:

As with any shopping decision, it is important to have a budget. Decide how much you are comfortable spending on lingerie. Like I said earlier, quality lingerie does not come cheap but be sure not to go overboard with spending.

Comfort is Very Important:

While you might not wear your wedding night lingerie for a long time, it is important to factor comfort. You don’t want something that is pinching you somewhere or a corset that’s making it difficult for you to breathe. While you want to look sexy, it is more important to feel sexy and you can’t feel sexy when you are uncomfortable.

Go For Sexy Details:

Lingerie shopping is so much fun because there’s so much to choose from. You have stockings, garter belts, hose, corsets and so many other items at your disposal. Consider lingerie with a fun extra detail – it could be lace style knickers with a silk bow in some strategic place. 

Make sure it is Groom Approved:

This might be the biggest factor to think about. Unlike your usual underwear, you are not wearing this for yourself alone. What does your future husband like and what do you think he would like to see you in? Try to choose something that both of you will enjoy.


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