Still on Sexting: A Beginners Guide

Still on Sexting: A Beginners Guide
sextingStill on Sexting: A Beginners Guide

It is the 21st Century and millennials have long said their goodbyes to love letters and embraced sexting with opened arms, reckless abandonment and a certain cool that’s got Generation X wishing they had mobile phones back in their day.

Fun, easy, flirtatious and extremely sexy, sexting is one bandwagon you should totally jump on regardless of your relationship status. While sexting aids intimacy in married and other serious relationships, it could also foster the growth of budding and casual relationships. It communicates your desire and lust for the object of your affections whilst encouraging both parties to explore their sexualities, likes, kinks and needs.

Even with this much pros, you have to admit it’s the cons that make sexting much more appealing. The fear of having your nudes leaked (word has it that the Cloud isn’t so safe after all), sending the right sext to the wrong person (your pastor for instance), getting a cold response after lyrically exposing your dirty thoughts (e.g. A: I want you badly *wink wink* B: kk). The thrill of this all so dangerous yet pleasurable act is one that can’t be compared to putting words on paper, revealing just enough to mess with your imagination and yet have you looking forward to the end of the day when you’ll get to bring to life every little letter from your sext is truly worth the experience.

New at this and don’t know how to start? I’ve got you covered! These 8 basic steps will help you initiate the most sensual sexts that will guarantee you and your partner sexting into the night.

  1. Start off nice and sweet, say something like “hey, I just thought about you”
  2. Turn up the sexy, use references e.g. “you just crossed my mind naked” or “remember that evening in the shower?”
  3. The ego massage, say something you love/like about your partner or their technique. Commenting on how hot his/her body/body part is will do the trick.
  4. Say what you want, after getting this far, this is not the time to back down. Words like “tonight I want you to do blah blah blah to me while I….” always work.
  5. String along with a promise. Promising to do that thing that you know your partner loves will have them busting with fireworks.
  6. Take their orders. Now that you’ve them all fired up, be the perfect sexual partner and tend to their needs. Ask them if there is/are any specific thing(s) they’ll like you to do to them.
  7. Send a quick pic! Pictures are worth a thousand words; make your final text worth it by sending a picture. Yes nudes will be just perfect but if you’re not comfortable with that send sexy suggestive photos with you clothed but still showing some skin or a photo of an empty bed or a nicely drawn bubble bath with a captivating caption like “this could be us” or “can’t for you to get here”.
  8. Most of all remember sexting is an art.

Get creative!

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