6 Things That Can Steal Your Smile

6 Things That Can Steal Your Smile

6 Things That Can Steal Your Smile

Everyone smiles at one point or another, even if some people don’t like it, it’s something that’s so unavoidable. When we do smile, we want our smiles to reveal a set of perfect white teeth but some things can steal that perfect white teeth from us. We know the usual, don’t eat candies and chocolates and we try our best to avoid them, but there are surprising foods that are detrimental to health and colour of your teeth.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Citrus fruits:

citrus-fruitsCitrus fruits (oranges, lemon, grapes fruit, tangerine) are rich in vitamin C which is useful in maintaining the collagen in the gum. The vitamin C is required at a moderate level not at a high one. If your teeth are in constant contact with citrus that is, if you take oranges so much or drink water containing lemon, your enamel is likely to soften and erode.

To-Do: To prevent this, drink a glass of water after consuming citrus, then brush like 20 minutes after because just after exposure of your teeth to the acid contained in citrus, your teeth may become soft and immediate brushing may abrade the enamel.


1Almond1They are rich in Vitamin E and contain lots of healthy fats that are good for your health but almonds maybe bad for your teeth as they are hard and biting on them can create a wedge between your teeth and may cause a fracture.

To-Do: It is recommended that you skip the whole almonds and opt for the sliced ones to reduce the amount of work your teeth has to do.

Dried fruits:

calories-in-dried-fruitsThe water in these fruits(eg dates and raisins) have been removed which makes them contain a very a high concentration of sugar. Sugar is bad for the teeth as it is sticky and can trap lots of bacteria.

To-Do: After munching on dried fruits you can swish your mouth with water and brush afterwards.


coffe_cup_preview_01.jpg6e737ca4-a947-4afb-8073-7748907cba17LargeCoffee contains a lot of antioxidants but has some serious staining potential. This staining can attract plaque. The buildup on the tooth surface, it attracts plaque.

To-Do: Cut down on your coffee intake.

Peanut butter:

peanutbutter-406Peanut butter is sticky so it sticks to the teeth for a long period of time so you are most likely to develop a cavity.

Kamdolls, will you watch these foods and save your smile? please leave your answers by commenting below… xoxo

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