Makeup Brushes: Types and Their Uses

Makeup Brushes: Types and Their Uses

makeup brushes

We all know we need makeup brushes to apply our makeup to give us that flawless finish… but the results we expect will not be ours if we use them wrongly...yeah I said that!.

What most of us do not know is that there are different types of makeup brushes and that each has its own individual use…but not to worry… Kamdora has got you covered.

Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

1. Foundation brush:

foundation brush

This is designed to give a smooth and flawless finish; the bristles are tightly packed and are thinner towards the end for fluid application. For best results, dampen the brush with warm water and firmly squeeze excess water out, this gives a better distribution.

2. Concealer/Camouflage brush:

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation MAC Pro Longwear Concealer MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme 1
MAC Pro Longwear concealer 

This is a soft bristled flat brush with a wider base and pointed tip. It’s used to apply concealer to areas under the eyes to spots and to camouflage areas of discolouration.

3. Bronzer/Powder brush:mac powder brush

This is a soft, full and rounded brush that can be used to apply both powder and bronzer. The bristles pick up the right amount of powder and distribute them evenly on the skin.

4. Blusher brush:

MAC+129+Powder+Blush+Brush+Review1It has gentle fibers and has a rounded end for applying colour to the apple of your cheeks. Sweep and blend along your cheek bone drawing the brush into your hairline.

5. Face contour brush:

mac-168-large-angled-contour-brushIt’s a slanted and rounded brush which mimics the angle of your cheek bones. It’s used for highlighting and shading with a bronzer or illuminating powder.

6. Eye shadow brush:

mac eyeshadow brushIts flat, large, short and has brimming bristles for excellent coverage. It’s used to apply colour over the eyes.

7. Angle eye shadow brush:

brush-angled_eye_shadow_brushA long and tapered brush perfect for shading the eye sockets.

8.Eye shadow blending brush:

mac 224 blending brushUse this light brush to blend eye shadow colours and to highlight the brow bone.

9. Slanted eyebrow definer brush:

Use to define and fill brows for an asymmetrical appearance. The bristles are stiff and angled for precise control.

10. Lip brush:

lip brush

The sculpted tip of the lip brush is perfect for achieving a flawless line. The bristles are short and firm for controlled application.

Read HERE for how to clean your makeup brushes the right way.

Kamdolls which brush/brushes have you been using wrongly? let us know… please leave your comments below dolls… xoxo!

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  • emmanuela September 29, 2014 10:57 pm

    Pls kamdora i need to learn more about makeup though am a makeup artist but still i got confused in some areas

  • Ifrekeh October 17, 2014 10:54 am

    Where can I find affordable makeup brushes as am on a tight budget

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