How to Pick the Right Shoe For An Outfit

How to Pick the Right Shoe For An Outfit

How to Pick The Right Shoe For An Outfit

Hey! Ladies,

The struggle to pick the right shoe for an outfit is real, Some times I don’t blame ladies who wear the same black heels for every outfit. Your shoes can slay or break your outfit, It’s no news that I’m a lover of shoes but some times you can spend a reasonable amount of time trying on different shoes to know which would be perfect for your outfit.

You can say bye bye to wasting your time because today I’m going to give you tips that would change your shoe picking game forever. 

Here are some basic Tips to help you:



Look 1 Stella Uzo
Look 1 Stella Uzo

Ladies pick colours of shoes that match your cloth and do not compete with them.

Also if your wearing a multicoloured outfit its best to stick to neutrals or one of the colours in the outfit.


Look 2 Priscilla
Look 2 Priscilla

If your outfit is plain and dull and life to it by wearing a bright coloured shoe. It’s best to stick to a plain shoe if your outfit has a lot of pattern or vice versa.

The outfit:

Look 2 Temi Otedola
Look 2 Temi Otedola

If your outfit is really busy or has a lot of ruffles and designs stick to a shoe with simple design  and if the outfit has none then add a touch of style with a shoe with designs like bows, fringe, tassels etc


Micah Gianneli
Look 4 Micah Gianneli

They go great with all types of pants and jumpsuits and instantly add sophistication to and outfit. They also go well with pencil skirts and dresses as well as A line skirts and dresses (knee length or midi not long).

Peep toe:

Goes with any pants as well as dresses and skirts of all lengths .

Look 5  Folake Huntoon


Look 6 Fisayo

Goes best with skinny pants and, knee length or mini skirts and gowns.(you need to show a little skin so you won’t look frumpy).


Look 7 Shirley B. Eniang
Look 7 Shirley B. Eniang

For a more casual laid back look, goes great with all pants, also goes well with skirts dresses, jump suits and play suits of all lengths. Add a little fun and feminine touch  to your casual everyday outfit by pairing them with heels

Black And Neutrals:

Remember dolls when in doubt pick black and nude you can never go wrong with them.

Look 8 Cortnie Elizabeth
Look 8 Cortnie Elizabeth

So Doll’s I hope these tips were helpful. 

Stay stylish..Xoxo. 

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Amaka Emili
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