Ladies, What If He is “TOO BIG”?

Ladies, What If He is “TOO BIG”?

Ladies, What If He is "TOO BIG"?Men love to brag about the size of their penis, whether they’re well-endowed or not. But is it really possible for his penis to be too big? Some women say the bigger it is, the better but of course, too much of anything is definitely bad, right?

Issues like this could sometimes hurt a relationship if the couple involved do not know how to overcome it, deal with it or talk about it. It could even lead to infidelity. So what if you keep getting hurt from those long hard thrusts? What can you do about it? Bail?

Here’s what you can do:

1. Pregame

If your partner is extremely endowed down there, lubricants and plenty stimulation should be your best friends. Try to have at least one orgasm before penetration. This could be achieved orally, through masturbation or with a toy. After orgasm, your vaginal muscles relax and you are more open and wet for penetration.

2. Take It Slow

Taking it slow and using lube can also ease the way. If it hurts, stop. Tearing is a definite and dangerous possibility. Take your time and ensure you are properly lubricated and extremely aroused and you will have a much better chance of making it work.

3. Breathe

Practice relaxing and breathing deeply. Pain makes you instinctively tighten their pelvic floor muscles to protect the vagina from further pain. So relax, think less of the pain and more of the pleasure…

4. Try New Positions

For couples having issues with length, the spooning position is a great idea to try out. Alternatively, try sex positions that allow for full thrusting, but shallow penetration.

5. Give Him A Hand

If he’s too much to take into your mouth, you can try bringing your hands into the act the next time you have oral sex. This would give him continuous sensation while helping you control how deep he goes into your mouth. Try different strokes in your hand-mouth combo to keep the rhythm interesting.

There is such a thing as too big – or at least too big for certain women — and there is no shame in saying, “That’s just not for me.”

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