Natural Hair: 6 Ways You Can Straighten Your Hair With Milk

Natural Hair: 6 Ways You Can Straighten Your Hair With Milk

Do you know you can straighten your natural hair without using heat? I bet you didn’t know. Today, I will be showing you 6 ways you can straighten your hair with milk. I bet you are shocked! Milk contains two types of proteins, Whey and Casein.

These proteins are good for your hair (natural or relaxed). Milk helps to thicken the hair and makes it shine naturally. Below are steps you can follow to straighten your natural hair with milk.

  1. Get a spray bottle. Fill it up with coconut milk or any type of milk. Just make sure the milk is extra creamy. That way you can get the best result!
  2. Make your hair damp and spray the milk on it. Remember to condition all of your tresses and make sure you spray enough milk on your scalp as well as your hair tips.
  3. Get a wide toothed come to untangle your hair. Make sure your hair is not curled up as it can trap milk. If this happens, the milk will solidify and it would be painful to remove later on.
  4. Massage your scalp for 10-20 minutes. This would give the milk time to soak into your hair. It would also nourish and straighten the strands. To while away time, you can go about with your house chores.
  5. Rinse your hair thoroughly so you do not smell of milk later.
  6. Dry your hair naturally. If you have wavy hair, you will see how the milk mask will work its magic. If your hair is curly, it would make it soft and condition your curls.


Boluwatife Ayinde
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