Kamdora Fashion: Pros And Cons Of Powder Foundation

Kamdora Fashion: Pros And Cons Of Powder Foundation


Pros And Cons Of Powder Foundation

There are different types of makeup products, each formulated to suit different skin types and different personalities.

The 2 basic types of foundation are the liquid and the powder foundation. Let’s dig deeper into the world of the powder foundation and discover its advantages and disadvantages;


1. It provides a sheer and natural coverage

2. It work well with oily skin types because it tends to absorb oil.

3. Dry foundation tends to stay put in warm weather or during those times when perspiration (glistening) can be a problem.

4. They can be reapplied easily since they go on just like face powder


1. Because it is powder, it usually requires using a brush for application. And that can be challenging for beginners.

2. Loose foundation can get very messy especially for ladies that love to dress up before applying their makeup.

4. It may settle into fine lines and wrinkles, or aggregate around dry or damaged skin.


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