4 Healthy Meals You Can Cook For Him On Valentine Day

4 Healthy Meals You Can Cook For Him On Valentine Day

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4 Healthy Meals You Can Cook For Him On Valentine Day

You still want to stick to your healthy diet even on a special day like Valentine without looking like a boring cook to your other half. Make him some delicious yet healthy meals with the right amount of ingredients.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be all green and plain on your plate. That is why some dietician advice to eat “the rainbow” which simply means mixing different types of texture and cooking ingredients to get the appropriate balance of nutrients your body needs.

Here are 6  healthy meals you can share with your lover on Valentine day:

  1. Rice + Shrimp/Vegetable sauce (Switch your white rice for brown rice)


2) Wheat + Okro stew


3) Moin Moin Roll-up

Cooking: Mix your moin moin, spread on a baking tray, sprinkle your ingredients, back for 15-20 mins, take out then roll-up immediately


4) Coconut fried rice + Shrimps


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