10 Best Lip Colors For Dark Skin

10 Best Lip Colors For Dark Skin
10 Best Lip Colors For Dark Skin
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Finding the best lipstick color for your darker skin tone can be a real struggle. You don’t want a shade of lipstick that will wash you out or blend in with your skin tone, but you don’t want a lipstick that will overpower and clash with your coloring.

These 10 best lipstick colors for dark skin are simply flawless and look absolutely intoxicating next to darker skin tones!

1. Bright Red

Bright red lipstick is one of the classic colors that looks great on literally everyone, especially those with darker skin tones. This bright, look-at-me lipstick shade really dazzles and makes a statement standing next to darker darker shades of skin, letting the lip do all the talking.

2. Dark Red

Alluring with a heaping dose of sex appeal, dark red lips make a ferocious statement wherever they’re worn. This classic, extremely popular lipstick color is a perfect match for darker skin tones. The dark red blends beautifully with the surrounding skin coloring, creating a flawless and very tantalizing look.

3. Orange

Orange is undoubtedly a lipstick color that only look good against darker skin tones. Orange can easily wash out or look odd against light skin, but darker skin tones have NO problem working this sensational color. It’s certainly a bright, flashy color that won’t fit everyone’s style, but it’s definitely one to consider if you’re in the mood for a pop-out pout.

4. Scarlet

So we’ve talked about how amazing reds and oranges look on dark skin, so how about a combination of both? Scarlet is a gorgeous blend of red and orange shades, creating a lip color that’s absolutely perfect for darker skin tones. It’s not overwhelming, yet accents the lips and surrounding skin magnificently. Perfect for literally any occasion, from the office to the nightclub.

5. Coral

Another one of those colors that only work with darker skin colors, coral is a fabulous and super trendy combination of orange and pink. The bright, summery shade makes a bold statement as it glistens and glamours against surrounding darker skin shades. For the ladies looking to make their pouts make a big shout, it’s coral ALL the way!

make6. Burgundy

Dreamy, enticing, and downright bold, burgundy lipstick is a knockout in the lipstick department. The perfect shade for cold weather, this warm and inviting lip color looks flawless against darker skin tons, blending perfectly for a very sexy finish. Burgundy also happens to be the ‘IT’ color for lips for 2016!

7. Deep Brown

Now be careful with this one ladies: sometimes dark lipstick can wash out darker skin tones, so try it on before you make an all-day commitment! I will say this, though: 80% of the time brown lipstick shades look magnificent with dark skin tones. The two shades of brown blend and create a really stunning and sophisticated finish. Just make sure you’re opting for a deep brown shade instead of light, which can make your lips appear nude and dull. Adding a splash of gloss over your brown lips can also fix a potential dimmed-out issue!

8. Plum

Plum is not only one of the hottest lipstick shades for 2015, it just happens to be one of the most exotic and enticing shades on the market. Plum is the perfect blend of reds and purples for a rugged and sexy finish, giving your entire look a bit of edge. A plum pout is sure to make a desirable statement wherever it’s worn and is the absolute perfect lipstick for date night. Seriously, we adore this shade and love how it looks surrounded by darker shades of skin.

9. Purple

Super trendy and stylish, being one of the most popular lipstick shades of the season, purple is a must-have for any girls makeup bag. Opt for a lighter shade of purple to really make your pout stand out with bright coloring, or choose a darker and more tantalizing purple shade for a dreamy and desirable look. It just depends on your particular style- but both look magnificent against darker skin tones!

10. Black

Letting your inner vampire out is never a bad idea, especially when the ‘vampy’ look is so incredibly popular! That’s right, this year it’s all about letting your inner blood-sucker out, creating a dark and mysterious style that is downright sexy. That being said, ladies, don’t be afraid to try out black lipstick. It’s rather daring and majestic, but it’s nothing short of gorgeous. And if you’re worried about potentially being washed out by the dark lip shade, throw on a dab of lip gloss to really make your pout pop out.

From bright, look-at-me colors like coral and violet to dreamy and mysterious shades of plum and black, it’s obvious that darker skinned women have a wide variety of lipstick shades to choose from. Which is your favorite lipstick color to rock? Do you prefer a brighter shade of lipstick, or a pout that’s dark and enticing?

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