Vagina Health Mistakes Many Nigerian Women Make

Vagina Health Mistakes Many Nigerian Women Make

As a lady, taking care of your vagina health is very important. There are so many dangerous infections and diseases out there, you can’t afford to cannot overlook. It is very important you are consciously protecting your health. Today, I would be showing you some vaginal mistakes many Nigerian women make.

Vagina Health Mistakes Many Nigerian Women Make

1. Making Google Your Doctor: Many of us are guilty of this. Anything we feel funny, we go straight to google to log our complains. This can be very dangerous. One thing you should know is that the internet doesn’t have your medical history or conditions you probably have. If you depend on Google, you might end up treating the wrong condition thereby putting yourself at risk

2. Not Having A Gynaecologists: You need a go-to gynaecologist. You must have a doctor that you can visit anytime whenever you have questions/issues.  This is way better than typing up a bunch of symptoms on Google.

3. Ignoring Recurring Infection: I know that we ladies would rather go to a pharmacist than go to the hospital when we are dealing with conditions like yeast infection. I am not saying that it is bad but never ignore if it is continuous. A recurring infection could indicate bigger problems that require a different approach.

4. Basic Hygiene: You must have heard the saying “prevention is better than cure” before. One way you can prevent vaginal infection is by adhering to the basic hygiene rules. Make sure you wear clean underwear. Make sure your vagina is clean and dry. Change your sanitary pad/tampons frequently. Clean up after sex!

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