4 Nigerian TV Couples We Would Love To See Dating In Real Life!

4 Nigerian TV Couples We Would Love To See Dating In Real Life!

One of the things I love doing is watching TV shows. I love when I have to watch and dissect some characters from my favourite shows. I have been watching some shows of recent and here I am trying to play cupid! Here are the 5 Nigerian TV couples we would love to see dating in real life!

I am going to let you know why I am rooting for these people. I just hope they can date in real life! It is so deep that I have followed them off camera and I can lowkey tell, they would make a great couple.

4 Nigerian TV Couples We Would Love To See Dating In Real Life

1. Tiwa and Mide in Skinny Girl In Transit

I have heard a lot of people say they are better off as an onscreen couple but I totally disagree! I love the way they acted. It seemed so real and trust me, I am love’s number one fan! They have been saying they are just friends but isn’t that what they all say?

2. Shalewa and Muhammed in Skinny Girl In Transit


It doesn’t matter if you love them or not. What matters is the chemistry they share in real life! They appeared on Ndani TV’s TGIF show and I loved the way they teased each other! Don’t be surprised when you see them together in real life!

3. Tes and Teni in Africa Magic’s Battleground

Even though we dislike the characters they play in Africa Magic Battleground, we cannot but admit that they look great together!

4. Dede and Tomide in This Is It

Guys, these two made me fall in love with the whole idea of marriage. I liked their characters in This is it and trust me, I could see some chemistry!

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