6 Signs You Are The Selfish One In Your Relationship

6 Signs You Are The Selfish One In Your Relationship

One of the important things you must do in a relationship is to look out for yourself. What many people don’t know is that there is a thin line between looking out for yourself and being selfish. Today, I would be showing you 6 signs you are the selfish one in your relationship!

Signs You Are The Selfish One In Your Relationship

When everything is always about you, you are being selfish. It is more difficult when you are in a relationship with someone who can’t express the way he/she feels. The first step to solving this problem, is by admitting you are selfish! So if you have admitted to this, it is a time to change! But if you are still confused, check out these signs below.

1. You always have your way: Every time there is a disagreement, you both end up doing what you want. You end up going where you want and eating what you want!

2. You never listen: If you are not the type to consider your partner’s feelings and opinion, you are selfish. Every chance you get at communicating, you always talk at him/her without caring about his own perspective.

3. You are never wrong: Selfish people never admit they are wrong. No matter what happens, you always find yourself blaming your partner.


4. You always want him/her to change: You find it difficult to take him for who he is especially if that doesn’t suit you. You want to change his personality and habits to match your wants and needs.

5. Your needs come first: You are always the one who wants something. Anytime he expresses a need, you dismiss it easily. Only your desire matters.

6. You are hardly happy for him: You believe your own good news is worth being celebrated every time. Whenever he/she has something that made him/her happy, you never seem happy.





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