Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

One problem a relationship is that people can’t tell the difference between a regular fight and a warning sign that things are coming to an end. If you are sensitive enough, you would be able to see the signs that your relationship is coming to an end.

When you get to that T-junction in your relationship, you are left with two choices. It is either you end it or work hard to turn things around. Now your question should be, what are the signs your relationship is coming to an end?

1. The Fighting Stops: Have you ever seen a relationship without an argument? Arguments in a relationship helps the both party clear out differences. This isn’t always a sign that your relationship is coming to an end. The moment the fighting stops, you should be concerned because the other party might have checked out emotionally.

2. You Stop Confiding In Each Other: One of the essence of being in a relationship is having someone to confide in. We all need that person we can share all our experiences, feelings and ideas with. The moment you stop being that person for your partner, your relationship is about to end.

3. No Future Plans: When you are in a relationship and you don’t commit to future plans, your relationship is about to end. If you find yourself avoiding to make plans for the future with your partner because you suspect that you won’t be together in some months, it is a sign of the end.

4. You Look For A Connection Elsewhere: Breakup is usually caused by unhappiness or doubts in a relationship. When you are unhappy in a relationship, there is 90% possibility you would look for it elsewhere.

5. You Imagine Being Single: When you are done with a relationship, you will picture yourself as a single lady. You can also find yourself planning mentally on what you will do next, go on dates and do things basically you wouldn’t have done when you were in a relationship.


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