The Best Sports Bras for Every Chest Size and Workout

The Best Sports Bras for Every Chest Size and Workout

Sports bras are very essential whether you are an AA or D+ cup size when you start working out. I have noticed that most ladies take their gym outfit personal for some reasons and we are fine with it! One important thing you must know is getting a comfortable fit when shopping for your workout. You must figure out the type of activity you will be doing before buying one.

Ideally, if the workout is anything more intense than a simple yoga or pilates class you choice would be bra-sized. If that’s not an option, find one that is a thick band across the bottom to provide you the extra support you’ll need.

For girls with smaller chest sizes, the world is kind of your oyster. Working out is a breeze because you don’t have the added stress of keeping your tatas in place, but sports bras can often be a bit boring. Our suggestion? Go with options that are bold in color or interesting in shape as they’ll add interest to your next sweat session.

If you are in the medium size cup range, choose bras that provide a little more coverage —especially if your workout includes any jumping or bending over—to avoid any slippage.

For a D cup or above finding the right sports bra becomes more about function than fashion particularly when you’re logging loads of miles or squat jumping like your life depends on it. Nikki Ogunnaike, suggest bras with molded cups and underwire to hold you in place.

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