Editor’s Notes – This Is The Year To Damn It & Slay!

Editor’s Notes – This Is The Year To Damn It & Slay!

I battled with a lot of things last year and one of them was putting on weight. The effect of this on my self esteem was devastating and it was evident the most in my lack of slay.

Although, before now, I favored loose clothing over curve accentuating pieces, I still found a way to balance it all up in an eclectic way that defined my style. With the weight gain, I found myself sinking further into myself. And into my clothes. I wore everything two sizes up – to hide the mid belly rolls I convinced myself were disgusting, to hide the extra, and definitely unwanted flesh on my back, to swallow the extra thickness on my thunder thighs.

I now know why thigh gap is an enviable concept.

I reduced the amount of social functions I attended. To me, rather than spend endless hours figuring how best to work a piece of outing for an event, living vicariously through the endless Instagram posts of my favorite social butterflies was a safer option.

I’ve decided to come out of my sunken place this year. I am damning it all and slaying! How long will I remained furled up in a lone army self pity party, listening to melancholic music and glancing  through pictures from my glory sexy days? I missed out on so many trends last year but this is the year I conquer it all. And slay!

Taking inspirations from the likes of Tracy Nwapa, Aku Akoffo, Agatha of IronyofAshi and also the timeless style of Lisa Folawiyo (forget the obvious difference in size) among many others, this year is shaping out to be a stylish one and I will keep you updated!








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  • anonymous January 7, 2019 3:45 pm

    Walahi anything u wear issa goal! Happy new year Nims! Best wishes now and always!!

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