Here Are Some Braided Hairstyles You Should Rock In 2019

Here Are Some Braided Hairstyles You Should Rock In 2019

It is a new year and we believe 2019 should have the best fashion ever! Right now, I am confused on the hairstyle to do because work is resuming on Monday. My friends suggested some braided hairstyles and I think I am loving the idea. If you are as confused as I am, check out these braided hairstyles for some inspiration!

Being confused is not a bad thing so don’t feel bad about it. We are here to help you make amazing decisions when it comes to fashion. These styles are easy and can be done ASAP!

Check out the styles below.

1. Box Braids With Wavy Ends: We saw a lot of these style in 2018 and we loved them. It gives you the edge you need for the new year. I think the waves at the end makes people know you are an interesting and cool person. You can achieve this look by either weaving your braids normally and adding curly hair attachments towards the end. Or, you can weave the braids to where you’d like your wave to start from, and leave the rest of the braids loosened. Do this to all the braids. Then weave the ends of 4 or 5 braids together and steep in some hot water. Leave it in for a bit, then remove and loosen.

2. Braided Mohawk: This is the first style you should try out this year! This style is pretty and funky! To achieve, simply part your hair into 3 parts from your hairline to the nape of your neck. Cornrow either side of your hair leaving the middle part to create the Mohawk later. When you’re done cornrowing, divide the middle section into 2 parts. Start weaving on the left side from the middle of your scalp forward, adding the attachment as you go along for volume. As you get to your hairline, weave the hair into a U-part to form a horseshoe and weave back towards the nape of your neck. Keep adding attachments to add length to the braid.

3. Braided Breaded Bob: If you are tired of the regular braids, you should try this. Adding beads to your braids switches things up automatically. What are you waiting for? Divide your hair into 2 parts, cutting from ear to ear. Then, cut the 2 sections further into 2 each, making 4 sections in total. Weave the bottom 2 layers towards the nape of your neck, and the top 2 layers towards your forehead. When you’re done weaving, grab some clear beads and slide 3 or 4 up each braid. After doing this, measure where you’d like your braid to stop and place 1 clear bead there. Fold the braid upwards on one side of the bead and tie a rubber band to secure it. Then take a pair of scissors and cut off the excess.

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