Kamdora Health: 5 Things You Should Do This Year

Kamdora Health: 5 Things You Should Do This Year

It is a new year and you know it is time for some resolutions. I know many people that set goals to work out more during the year, eat well and travel to some fancy places and not follow through the plans. The question now is how can we set these resolutions and keep up with them?

One of the reasons why we fail to keep up with these resolutions is that we set our bars too high. I have had years where I said I was going to do some things and I ended up doing nothing! They say that talk is cheap and so I am here to show you 5 things you should do this year.


1. Do 25 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups and 5 push-ups every morning: If you are doing a 9-5 job in Lagos, it is very difficult to find time to hit the gym. Why not bring the gym to your house this year? Three quick circuits of jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups are way easier to come by—both because they take way less time and because you can do them from the comfort of your own home. Try doing them right after you wake up to get your energy up and your blood flowing—you’ll thank yourself later.

2. Make your bed: This might sound ridiculous but there are so many benefits in making your bed every morning. Charles Duhigg sees making your bed as a simple change that can set off a whole chain of better decision-making. To me, making your bed makes your room look prettier. You don’t have to think of making your bed after a stressful day at work. For some people, it gives a sense of accomplishment.


3. Stay Hydrated: We have been screaming this since last year and we won’t stop now. This is very essential when it comes to health matters. Try as much as possible to drink at least 3 glasses of water daily. If you want to make it more fun, squeeze in some lemon juice.


Stretching is a good idea many of us neglect. Stretching before you go to bed makes you feel calm and makes your brain and body ready for sleep.

5. Read 10 pages of literally anything before going to sleep: Reading makes your mind sharp and it opens your eyes to new ideas. Reading makes me feel a little more accomplished. I do this at night because it helps to clear my mind. You should try it out.



Boluwatife Ayinde
Boluwatife is an Editorial Assistant at Kamdora. Ever since she discovered her passion for writing at a young age, she has developed her skill by writing for renowned websites. She recently developed a passion for fashion and has since been using her talent wisely! Tife blogs about her personal style and offers guides to making life better for the average Nigerian girl!

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