The Model’s Guide To Posing For Pictures

The Model’s Guide To Posing For Pictures

It is the holiday season and you may be traveling for Christmas. What is the fun when you travel and you can’t take smashing pictures? I get really upset whenever I look at people’s holiday pictures and they aren’t so great! Well, I am here to fix that today by showing you the model’s guide to posing for pictures.

The part that pains me the most is when a friend put up a picture you are not looking great! At times like this, nothing really matter as you beg him/her to take the picture down. These models/influencers would be showing us ways we can pose and look great in pictures.

  1. Know your angle: When you are taking a full body picture, know the angle that works for you. For Shannon Thaler, she prefers the camera person to hold the camera just below eye-level.Β A pic aimed ever-so-slightly upward makes for long linesβ€”hello, legs! You must know that the angles for your body aren’t always the same for your face. Find your sweet spot and make sure you have a lot of options.

2. Lightning matters a lot: Isabella Carr said that “always turn your face toward the light, especially if it’s natural sunlight.Β This brightens your face and makes you glow, which kind of results in your blemishes being blurred away!”

3. Be Relaxed: Kate Rooney advices us to always relax our body and our eyes. She said that “if you are uptight and stressing, you are not going to get the shot and your body is going to emulate that”.

4. Take you bursts of pictures: You are not a professional model so you won’t always have a professional camera around you. Rose Crombie advices us to take ‘bursts’ on your iPhone instead. All you need to do is ask the person taking your picture to hold down the button instead of tapping it once. This is very good when your photographer is impatient!

5. Be Inspired: Shannon Thaler said that she has a Pinterest board called ‘Insta Inspo’ where she pins pictures she would love to have on her feed. She believes that when you have a set intention, it makes room for many successful shoot because you would know what poses and mood to aim for.

6. Demonstrate good posture: Isabella Carr advices us never to slouch! She believe that slouching would make you feel insecure. It also also portrays your belly in a bad way especially when you are wearing a crop top. Make sure you stand straight!

7. Own your good side: Rose Crombie believes that some people do not have a bad side. For people who feel more confident facing one side, flaunt it!

8. Keep it moving: Shannon Thaler said that “some of the best poses aren’t really posses at all but actions caught in the perfect moment!” Take advantage of that and snap a burst! She believe that a picture with movement is always more interesting and fun to look at!

9.Try your tiptoes: Isabella Carr tells us that the keys to looking fabulous in pictures is to appear elongated. She said you can achieve this by standing on your tiptoes or putting a leg out when taking a full body picture.

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10. Wear flattering outfits: Kate Rooney said that one of the most important thing to consider before shooting is the outfit you are going to wear. She believe that some outfits don’t translate well on camera.

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