8 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Of Bra

8 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Of Bra

As a lady, we have a lot of things to study about ourselves. I remember when I started growing breast and how funny I handled the whole situation not to talk about when I started my period. In as much as it is beautiful being a lady, there are some things you must not take for granted like your bra. Today, I would be showing you 8 signs you are wearing the wrong size of bra.

Some ladies feel very uncomfortable wearing bra so they stick to just singlet. If you are a lady and you experience any of the signs I am about to tell you today, then you need to change your bra! You don’t have to be uncomfortable all day because you are wearing a bra.

8 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Of Bra

1. Your Shoulders Hurt Because The Strap Digs Into Your Shoulders: If you feel this way, you would notice that whenever you take off your bra, you have lines along your shoulders. You really should look at changing your bra!

2. You Have To Keep Adjusting The Bra: During the course of the day, you always find yourself adjusting your bra cup, strap or band every time. This happens when the cup/band is too small or too big.

3. Skin Irritation: If you always itch the skin underneath your breast, it is because your underwear is old or you are reacting to the fabric of your underwear. The itch might also be a result of the underwire in your bra.

4. Your Breast Divides Into Two: People usually call this quad-boobs. This is when your breast divides into two. You will notice that most of your breast is out of the bra than inside the bra. Move up a cup size to fix this!

8 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Of Bra

5. Tight band: You must know that the band of the bra offers you the most support. So you have to make sure it fits perfectly well. If it squeezes your back, find a different style or another type of bra band.

6. You have headache: Wearing a tight bra can surely you give you headache.When your bra doesn’t support you properly, your upper body does most of the work. If this goes on for a long time, it would definitely give you headache.

7. You Experience Shortness Of Breathe: Whenever you wear a tight bra, you reduce your chest movement and restrict your breathing. This happens the most when you live an active life.

8. Your Neck Aches: When your bra doesn’t support you properly, your whole body compensate to supporting your chest. The neck is a part contributing to the work so if you are wearing a tight bra, it would definitely hurt you.


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