Kamdora Story: The Sunday school Teacher

Kamdora Story: The Sunday school Teacher

My parents don’t understand why I hate Sunday school. Why my smile becomes a frown when the children have to leave the adults so you can teach us the way of the scripture. They don’t know you are the reason uncle Benji. They don’t know it’s you.

I told mummy about it. I told her that the day she sent me to you for special prayers because in your words ‘the spirit of stubbornness was upon me,’ you told me to unzip your trouser and touch you down there. I told her that I refused but you said I was a disobedient child and God doesn’t like a disobedient child. I told her that you said you will teach me a lesson. I told her that you grabbed my hands and pinned me to cold ground and had your way with me. I told her that if God doesn’t like a disobedient child then He also doesn’t like people who take things without the owner’s permission.

She slapped me across the face because of you. She called me a liar and said I was trying to smear the good name of the children’s Sunday school teacher. She said children of nowadays were getting bolder with their lies. She asked God to forgive me. I’m asking Him to avenge me.

Joy Ehizuenlen
Passionate about jollof

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