5 Protective Hairstyles You Should Try This Harmattan Season

5 Protective Hairstyles You Should Try This Harmattan Season

Harmattan is finally around the corner. I noticed that most girls/ladies normally leave their hair during this period. Well, I am here to tell you that harmattan cuts hair. Now, your question should be “What should we do to our hair?” Just like the way you apply lip balm, here are some protective hairstyles you should try this season.

You have to understand that your hair needs care and attention. If you leave your hair unattended to this season, it would get dry and break.  I also realized that my hair only hurts when it is dry, hence the reason why I use a silk scarf at night.

It helps me retain the moisture in my hair! Since you are wondering what styles to do this season, here are 5 protective hairstyles that can never go wrong!

  1. Crochet: It could either be braids or weaves. In as much as your hair is underneath, it is safe.


2. Twisted updo for natural hair: I know that people with natural hair try to avoid weaves and attachment. Here is something simple you can do to protect your hair from drying out and breaking this season.

3. faux locks: I must tell you that this hairstyle is painful. I normally tell them to weave my hair before making it a lock. In as much as it is painful, the older it gets, the more beautiful it is.


4. Short braids: For those who do not like hair around their body, this is a beautiful hairstyle for you.

5. Long braids: For the bold and strong ladies, here is another protective hairstyle you can do.


Boluwatife Ayinde
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