Are You Looking For Stores To Shop For Your Favorite UK And USA Brands? Check Out These Stores!

Are You Looking For Stores To Shop For Your Favorite UK And USA Brands? Check Out These Stores!

Who said it is too early to shop for the festive season? I have so many UK and USA brands I love and most times, I look forward to this period to shop because of their amazing discounts. You might have missed out on this discount because of distance. Today, I would be showing you 5 stores that would solve your distance problems.

Shopping can literally be stressful but when you have agents that can help you deal with the stress, embrace it! I have done my research and here are the online stores that would make shopping easy for you this holiday season.

1. MallforAfrica: MallforAfrica helps to optimize your shopping experience. Items bought are shipped via a trusted courier partner to your door step. You can also pick up your order at any of their local pickup stations within days.

2. ShopToMyDoorShoptomydoor allows you to shop from over 80,000 online stores in USA, UK and China. You can combine your various orders to reduce the cost.

3. UK2Me: is a gateway to a world of online shopping from UK and USA. Your items would be delivered to you in any location in Nigeria.

4. BOIBOIThrough BoiBoi, you can shop on your favorite UK stores, check out and pay in Naira. You can place custom orders for stores that are not listed on their website. Orders can be done online or via Google Play store and items will be delivered within a week.

5. BAZEBOBazebo’s unique selling proposition is real-time tracking, delivery for areas in rural & remote places, physical payments for small businesses among others. It allows you to compare prices of any item in various stores at the same time.

Boluwatife Ayinde
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