How To Know If Your Partner Is Draining You Emotionally

How To Know If Your Partner Is Draining You Emotionally

When people talk about relationships, they talk about the good side and leave out the bad side. This I believe has made people picture that all relationships are perfect. The truth is no relationship is perfect. We all work hard to make our partners happy. Today, I would be telling you how to know if your partner is draining you emotionally.

I have been in this situation before and I didn’t realize it. Some people said, maybe because I liked him too much other said the love I had for him blinded me. Most women go through a lot in a relationship they do not know about. Big mama once said “It is better to be alone for the rest of your life, than to be with bad company”.

I picked up that statement and my relationship life improved. Do you have that feeling like your happiness is being sucked out in your relationship? Check out these signs and tick the ones that applies to you. If you tick more than 2, then it is high time you kissed him goodbye.

How To Know If Your Partner Is Draining You Emotionally

1. He comes to mind every time: Normally, you should always think about your boyfriend but this time around, it is not in a good way. You think about the arguments you have had in the past, the words he said that hurt you and the things he has done. Most times, you find yourself thinking if he still values you.

2. You are always tired around him: Unlike the normal happy feeling you used to get, whenever you are with him, you literally feel tired. You are probably conscious of what you are doing so that you don’t piss him off. This alone makes you do nothing so you can have your peace.

3. You are always happy whenever you get your space: Whenever you are away from your partner, you feel super excited. Most times you look forward to whenever he is traveling or you leaving after the weekend.

4. He makes things worse: He never considers your feeling. For example, instead of him to make you feel better after having a bad day, he makes everything worse. Some times, seeing him alone can make you regret waking up that day.

5. He asks for too much: Every time he asks you for something, you get the feeling you are being stretched to your limit. That feeling can be as a result of him being too demanding emotionally.

Do you get any of these signs above?


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