4 Steps To Taking Responsibility Of Your Own Orgasm

4 Steps To Taking Responsibility Of Your Own Orgasm

We all should know what orgasm is but for the people who don’t know, I would start with a definition. Orgasm is a feeling of intense sexual pleasure that happens during sexual activity. Some people refer to it as ‘coming’ or ‘climaxing’. Today I would be telling you 4 steps to taking responsibility of your own orgasm.

6 Steps To Taking Responsibility Of Your Own Orgasm

We must know that orgasm is not everybody’s priority. So if you are not interested in sex, you can stop reading this article here. For those of you who find orgasm important, here are some steps that to making your sexual interactions interesting.

I an old friend what the key to orgasm is and his reply shocked me. He said “You have to be selfish” Over the years, I have come to understand that an individual deserves the energy and time that would get you over the line. When you want to be selfish, you have to stop thinking about your partner’s need and focus on your own need.

4 Steps To Taking Responsibility Of Your Own Orgasm

1. Pretend You Are In A Porno: Some people said that when you pretend someone is watching you gives you the permission to receive for a longer time. You need to create a slideshow in your head that would get you through the whole process. That way, you would be mentally ready to receive for a longer period. Most times, this allows you to learn things about yourself you didn’t know existed.

2. Find Out What You Like: If you do not know your needs, how can you meet them? You have to understand that people can’t read your mind. Take out time to map out things you didn’t know about you when it comes to sex. Don’t always wait for your partner to teach you things about yourself every time.

3. Communicate: Once you discover what you like, you need to communicate it. If you are shy about it, simply tell your partner what you do. For example say “I love foreplay” or “Give me a moment to calm down”. If you are not comfortable with the position, change it. You can even change the role-play.

4. Never Fake It: The saddest thing about faking it is that your partner would think they did everything right. Every time you have sex, they would keep repeating it because you ‘liked it’. Trust me, that wouldn’t be fair to you because the orgasm never happened. When situations like this happens, say something like “Damn, that was hot” or “I wasn’t relaxed, maybe next time”.

With these four tips, I hope I have been able to teach you how to take responsibility for your own orgasm.



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