How To Maintain Good Vaginal Hygiene When You Have An Infection

How To Maintain Good Vaginal Hygiene When You Have An Infection

One thing you must know about being a lady is that you are prone to infection. You must be very careful when you use things around your gentile area. When it comes to vaginal hygiene, I would advise you to keep an A game. Today, I would be giving you some tips on how to take care of your underwear when you have vaginal infection.


1. Use a skin-friendly laundry detergent to wash your underwear- The skin down there is very sensitive. Skin experts have advised us to use hypoallergenic detergents to wash our underwear. Bleaching your underwear can expose your skin to chemicals through the elastic.

2. Do not wear them for too long- I personally try to change my panties as often as I can because I have noticed that when I wear one for too long, I start to itch. So you are advised to change your underwear as often as possible.



3. Ask questions before buying thongs and g-strings- I have never been a fan of these types of panties but I wear them whenever I’m wearing a bodycon dress or pants. You must know that thongs and g-strings easily transfers colon bacteria into the vagina thereby causing infection. So follow the general rule of wearing thongs.

Wear thongs when you really need to wear bodycon dresses or pants!


4.  Observe the vaginal discharge- One way to know if everything is okay down there is by observing your discharges. You have to know be able to tell the colour of your discharge before the infection and during the infection. In most cases, you can visit the physician. Just know that the discharge should be odourless. So if you see otherwise, run to the doctor.

5.  Learn how to dry your underwear- I noticed that whenever I spread my underwear under the sun, down there doesn’t itch. You must ALWAYS sun dry your underwear for you to be safe down there!


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