How The Quality Of Humans Has Drastically Reduced

How The Quality Of Humans Has Drastically Reduced

Recently I came across a post by Timi Dakolo on Instagram. It said “In my opinion the quality of humans has drastically reduced”. It left me wondering. I hear a lot of young people complain about how relationships has changed from what they used to do be..

Relationships are driven by us, I think to myself. It cannot change on it’s own. Relationships exist as a result of our choices and our actions or inactions as the case maybe. So yes maybe relationships changed, maybe love changed. But they changed because we changed! Timi’s post made a whole lot of sense to me.

I would figure out what lead to this drastic reduction in ‘quality’, but what is there to figure out anyway? I see it everyday if I am being honest with myself. I see the terrible decisions I or those around me make. I see how bitter the human heart can become. I see how people have become extremely oblivious to what happens to the next person.

It’s not the fault of any gender particularly. Is it just relationships that changed? My answer is no. Friendship changed also.

In a world where true friendship is rare, how true would you expect love to be? I upload pictures of people and ask viewers if their ‘fave’ can ever, meanwhile I just slandered my fave’s name in a discussion with my fave’s fave.

I post peoples pictures with captions that contain ‘I love you’, but I hardly ever have a decent conversation with that person or made any impact on her life.

My friend Nkechi just killed her self out of depression I didn’t even know she was going through, yet on her birthday I said she was the sweetest person I knew and had the biggest heart. I pick my friends because they fit into the ‘squad’ I am trying to create. The ones that I can make ‘Kupe’ video with and have people comment ‘squad goals’ under. I know their faces look beautiful but there is only so much I know about their hearts.

So before I complain about what love has become, I think about what I have become. Yes, I think how much relationships have changed, but I also reflect on what friendship has become. Because if I couldn’t treat those around me right, if I couldn’t wish the best for the world at large how can I truly love another person who belongs to that world?

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