Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert Presents 9 Pregnancy Style Tips

Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert Presents 9 Pregnancy Style Tips

You might be wondering who Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert is and why she is giving pregnant women style tips, well, Giovanna is one of the best fashion editors who got pregnant early this year and is due 1st January, 2019. The fashion editor has decided to share 9 pregnancy style tips with pregnant women. So if you are pregnant or you know someone that knows someone that is pregnant, please share this article with them.

She told Vogue that;

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should go out in pyjamas. obviously it is so personal, but I would say to pregnant women: Don’t give up your fashion sense! It can be fun and experimental. Some days I don’t have inspiration in the morning, and then I think, OK, I’m going to wear this bag or those shoes. And begin from the ground up.

Below are her 9 tips for stylish pregnancy dressing she shared with Vogue.

1. Start your outfit with an accessory – preferably a super sized tote: It is no longer news that accessories are a good way to cheering yourself up. I am already becoming a mamma and using tote bags – in the past I’ve always carried very small bags with just a phone, credit card, keys, and I used to change them every day – and Frame ones are my favourite. It’s funny, I am more forgetful at the moment. Your brain says, ‘I am a woman, I’m good at multitasking, but I can’t make a baby and also remind you to bring your keys. Get your shit together!’ I have less patience and less energy, and I find I need a bag with everything in it, so I don’t forget things.

2. Try an A-line silhouette – or go second-skin: I am basically doing two silhouettes: either the A-line, which is more comfortable because it hangs off the body; or the very tight, knit dresses.

3. Embrace the oversized: Thank God for the oversized trend. When I was in New York, I wore this Raf Simons huge white shirt from the men’s collection – it was oversized for guys, so even better for me – with Louis Vuitton shoes which are quite stable and comfortable, thanks to the thick heel. Balenciaga’s normal size comes up quite big, too, so that’s also been useful. And my maxi sweatshirt from Celine has been great.

4. Wave goodbye to skirts: Ordinarily, I love to wear skirts, but they look very weird with a bump – so strange. I prefer tight, skinny jeans or leggings and big tops or cashmere sweaters; or dresses. Dresses with lots of fabric can work well, too.

5. Don’t buy things you won’t wear again: I am still doing seasonal fashion shopping but I am not buying crazy things that I can’t wear again. That said, I am buying so much more fashion jewellery, because I can still wear it. I went to Gucci the other week, and I couldn’t buy a dress, so instead I bought myself three rings and a pair of shoes! I like antique jewellery, too, which I find in Sweden where I live half of the year.

6. Sneakers are your friend: The only heels I can wear all day are the Manolo mules with the kitten heel. I did do some fashion week days in stilettoes, but then I was dead at night. I’ve definitely been wearing more flats and sneakers – and again, I’m very lucky because there have never been so many cool sneakers around. Aquazzura just made some very cute ones which I’ve been wearing almost every day, and I have some Nike leopard print ones I’ve been matching with my vintage leopard print dress. I even managed to go to Annabel’s in that outfit and no one was there to say anything. But I can’t do those grandpa sneakers. Those are too chunky. I’m too old for that.

7. Forget maternitywear – except when it comes to jeans: The only maternitywear that I have bought is a pair of jeans from the Good American’s maternity line, Good Mama. They’re really good, and come with a slim leg, so if you wear something a little longer on top, it looks like you’re wearing normal denim.

8. Go loose after-dark: Giambattista Valli is very good for evening. It’s a very soft look, with voluminous shapes that don’t cling but still feel elegant (I like to wear his dresses with trainers). I also love Valentino.

9. Head outside: I am trying to embrace the outdoor life a bit more – whether it’s in England in the countryside, or in the mountains in Sweden when the weather is always shit. The perfect shoe for outdoor pursuits, in my opinion, is Gucci’s hiking boots. After thinking it over, I went for the green colourway. They go up to the ankle and they look cool with basically everything.

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