Kamdora Wedding: Pictures From Crystal Design’s 2019 Paris Collection

Kamdora Wedding: Pictures From Crystal Design’s 2019 Paris Collection

This is the time of the year where ladies graduate from the ‘single zone’ into the ‘couple zone.’ I feel like most wedding designers intentionally stall till this time of the year to release their designs. Today, I would be showing you Crystal Design’s 2019 Paris collection. I must say that the dresses in this collection are fabulous.

I feel like he designed some of these dresses for me cos I was just talking to my cousin yesterday when I heard that she had to cut out her tail because of church tradition. I’m not a fan ball gown and I love long tails but when I heard that, I simply told her that I was going to stick to ball gown.

And Viola! Crystal Design is here to inspire me! I see beauty in every dress, from the satin dresses to the lace gowns… I must say that this would be more than perfect for your big day. Ember brides can I get an Amen?

Check the gowns below.



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