Kamdora Story: Akhigbe (My Child Won’t Be Hurt)

Kamdora Story: Akhigbe (My Child Won’t Be Hurt)


It’s been 6 years since baba sent you on that ill fated journey. It was a long day at redemption camp and he was too tired to look for Amenze so he sent you. Nobody knew that was going to be the last time we would ever see you.

Amenze returned to the apartment without you. Baba assumed you flouted his orders and decided to roam around camp but we all knew that wasn’t possible. You were the shinning light in the family. The reliable one.

Akhigbe, things are not the same. Baba has become mute. I mean he was a man of few words but now to get as much as a grunt from him will be deemed a miracle. Mama has moved from church to church. She has emptied your wardrobe, taking half of your things to one church or the other for them to spiritually discern where you are and the other half she has made a shrine out of. Crying herself to sleep with your favorite shirt. You know the shirt. The black and white one mama had to practically beg you to stop wearing because you had outgrown it.

Amenze and I are trying to fill your void. That is hard word brother. Every night I dream that you sneak into the house and tell me to quietly tell you what everyone has been up to, how everyone’s been doing. We are trying to try Akhigbe. We are trying to try.

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