The Sex Talk 101: What Does Your Partner Like And What Do You Like?

The Sex Talk 101: What Does Your Partner Like And What Do You Like?

What is sex?

People define sex in numerous ways but I’ll say sex is a language only two people can understand at a time (well except it’s a threesome or an orgy).

By two at a time, I mean it like having a conversation with someone close. You have the basic words then you have your inner jokes only the two of you understand. There are words someone might like to hear but someone else may not. Let’s not forget that in a conversation, there’s the louder person who does more of the talking and there’s the one who’s good at listening.

People commonly get worried about not being able to please their guys well or about not knowing the right things to do. First of all, I’ll like to clarify that there are no universal do’s and don’ts

So for me during sex, I’m more of the talkative – the pleaser and I don’t like to rush things. I like to take things one step at a time. From French kissing to sucking titties (I have a fetish for this) and playing with the nipples with my tongue and teeth, I’ll like to hold your hands down with one hand if you like to be dominated while I play with your clit with the other hand.

I’ll probably carry you and pin you to the wall (if you weigh less than 70kg) and neck kiss you as I caress you with your legs wrapped around me. I’m not a fan of giving head but if I have to do it to please you then I will. I’ll probably put ice cubes in first and let them melt so it’s nicer. Major thing is I’ll do what I think you love then watch your reaction and know if I should go further.

For the actual sex, some girls like hard-core and some girls like it when it’s done gently but I know some girls love it when they can’t predict the rhythm. You might love my style but your friends may not. Each person is different really.

I like to remain in position after sex and just sleep off with my dick still in while some people like to get tidy quickly. I don’t like it when a girl sucks my nipples or licks my ears although a lot of guys do, I love receiving head especially when you’re looking me in my eyes. Different strokes for different folks.

To cut the long story short, I’ve told you what I like but the question is what do you really like and what does your partner really like?

That’s the conversation you should be having.

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