Why You Should Use Apple Cider On Your Natural Hair

Why You Should Use Apple Cider On Your Natural Hair

Natural hair is the trend right now and most people are embracing it. The only problem I have right now is taking good care of my natural hair. When I say taking care of my natural hair, I mean moisturizing it. I saw a video that showed me why you should use apple cider on your natural hair and my story changed!

I am sure you have heard a thousand and one things apple cider can do. You might be wondering how one thing can cure so many things and not try it out. Well I am here to cure that doubt because, you really need it for your hair.

You need apple cider for your hair because

  1. ACV balances hair and scalp pH.
  2. ACV helps prevent fungal and bacteria growth and keeps the hair and scalp healthy.
  3. ACV also contains nutrients (vitamins B, C, and potassium), which are beneficial for your hair
  4. ACV clarifies and exfoliates your scalp, removing dead skin as well as product buildup that blocks the pores on your scalp.
  5. ACV can also help with volume and curl definition, since it doesn’t weigh down strands like silicone-based conditioners.
  6. ACV stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation to hair follicles.
  7. ACV is cost-effective and does not contain any preservatives or added chemicals that might damage your hair.

Watch the video below and learn how to use apple cider for your natural hair.

credit: NaturAll club

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