Episode One: Diary Of A Teenage Girl

Episode One: Diary Of A Teenage Girl


Grrrrrrrh! Grrrrrrrrh!! Grrrrrrh!!! My alarm goes off. It is my birthday. Yaaaaaaaaay!!! I’m finally 16. With so much joy in my heart, I jumped out of my bed and ran straight to my parent’s room. I kiss them good morning and I demanded for my birthday present with a smile on my face to look cute.

‘‘Oluwanimoduroti, you did not even wait for us to sing for you’’ my dad said with a little frown on his face. ‘‘oh, come on!’’ I exclaimed as I threw my hands in the air. My mum walks out of the room silently and walks in with a smile on her face and a black box. ‘‘happy birthday Mo.’’ she kissed my forehead and began to sing. I danced shamelessly around like a toddler who just won a bowl of ice cream to my mother’s angelic voice and my father trying to match hers. It was very obvious my father was trying too hard not to be intimidated by my mother’s voice. That did not bother me, I just continued to dance.

Now I might look like a spoilt child but hell no, I’m not! I am a typical Yoruba girl from Osun state, ile-ife to be precise. My grandfather gave me the name Oluwanimoduroti due to personal reasons I do not understand. Not like I am trying to understand, but then he passed away when I was two days old. In summary, I can never understand. All I know is that my first name is in honor of my grandfather. God bless his soul.

My childhood was sweet and perfect as I am the only child. Now don’t get me wrong. There were times I was bored as hell but two things my parents make sure I never lack, love and loneliness. So guess what? I am filled with love and I don’t mind sharing.

Now to the introductory part. My name is Oluwanimoduroti Tella but my friends call me Mo. I am currently in high school but I will be done this year. Hopefully I will get into college this same year. People say I am smart, funny and mischievous. That is their own opinion but I know I am different. Enough with the introduction. Coming back to the present day.

I have always dreamt of having an American kind of sweet 16 party-friends, balloons, colors, music, pool, happiness etc. but mine was going to be a little bit different. It was going to be themed! Oh, what a great dream I had and it remained one as it never happened. I fumed and raged but nothing changed. Then at some point when I could do nothing I accepted my faith. Goodbye sweet 16. Welcome to hell.

Boluwatife Ayinde
Boluwatife is an Editorial Assistant at Kamdora. Ever since she discovered her passion for writing at a young age, she has developed her skill by writing for renowned websites. She recently developed a passion for fashion and has since been using her talent wisely! Tife blogs about her personal style and offers guides to making life better for the average Nigerian girl!

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