#MCM: 5 Pictures Of Williams Uchemba That Would Keep You Crushing

#MCM: 5 Pictures Of Williams Uchemba That Would Keep You Crushing

Williams Uchemba is a famous Nollywood child actor/comedian that grew up to be very handsome. Let me use our slang to say it. He is a small boy with a big God. Today, I would be showing you 5 pictures of Williams Uchemba that would keep you crushing on him!

I am going to tell you 5 of his physical features I love.

  1. His brows: They are so full, I feel like working on them!
  2. His eyes: He has this seductive eyes that can confuse women. I am sure he likes that about him too!

3. His beards: I like the way he takes care of his beards. It is obvious that he is neat!

4. His lips: If you don’t like his cute pink lips then you need deliverance!

5. His skin colour: I like the fact that he is not too light and he is not dark.

More pictures below


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