6 Dark Lipstick Shades You Should Wear

6 Dark Lipstick Shades You Should Wear

When it comes to makeup, I can be very selective. I take my time to select the right colours to use on my face. I always bear in mind the colours and the type of look I am trying to achieve. Today, I would be showing you 6 dark lipstick shades you should wear.

The first question I’ll ask you is, when you want to buy your lipstick, what do you consider? What kind of look are you trying to achieve? What type of occasion are you attending?

All these questions are very important because you do not want to appear for your event and pass the wrong message. Dark lipsticks are bold and gorgeous. One thing I have noticed when I wear a dark lipstick is that it makes me look like I am in control. Weird right?

You might be wondering what kind of dark lipsticks would fit you. Problem solved! I have put up some really cool pictures of some dark shades of lipstick you can wear for your next event.

If you don’t try it you can’t know how good it would look on you! Remember, it is your imagination that limits you!

Below are more pictures.


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