6 Different Ways To Wear A button Down Shirt To Work

6 Different Ways To Wear A button Down Shirt To Work

Having a 9-5 job can be really stressful and boring. I can imagine you waking up very early in the morning for work and coming back late at night. You basically won’t have fashion at the top of your mind. What if I tell you 6 different ways to wear a button down shirt to work, would it make any difference?

Well, I think it would make a difference. Your next question should be why? Here is why. When you take your time to dress up to work, you will feel good. When I say good, I mean good. Don’t you like it when people compliment you? You would basically be attention for the day and you would notice that work can be fun. Trust me you would want to keep doing this after day one!

You might probably think this is stupid but I urge you to try it out before condemning it.

White shirts are a wardrobe stapel. You can literally wear them anywhere. All you need to do is spice up your outfit with different styles and accessories!

Dressing fashionable to work would give you a reason to leave your seat and take a picture. This might not be the most important thing to do at work but you would have a thousand and one reasons to take a picture.

Having said all that, slaying is compulsory for a lady! Know your schedule and work around it. For me, I pick out the clothes I would wear during the week on Sunday. Truth is sometimes, I don’t follow them but I always have a second option!

Below are more ways you can wear a white button down shirt to work!

6 Different Ways To Wear A button Down Shirt To Work

Boluwatife Ayinde
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