Review: Official Video Of Child Of The World By Flaz

Review: Official Video Of Child Of The World By Flaz

Our contemporary society will continue to sway us from morals and social etiquettes. Child of the world by falz focuses on a girl who lost her way due to the pain inflicted on her by her uncle. The girl was on a path to becoming a Lawyer but lost hope after losing her virginity.

She socialized with people that encouraged her bad deeds. So she settled to selling her body for money. The story changed when HIV came in with the extravagant lifestyle she has been living. Hitting rock bottom, she thought about suicide. But guess what? It is never too late to make a U-turn.

She decides to sensitize the society, telling them the effects of living a wrong life and and other social vices. Life doesn’t always go as planned. We meet obstacles and things that would snatch away our dreams. We are then left with little or no hope at all but then suicide shouldn’t be an option!

Think about the people you will hurt if you decide to take your life. Every decision you make in life comes with a repercussion. Be ready to face them!

Parent, teach your male children that rape is not acceptable. Teach them self-control and most of all, teach them to respect women. No means no!

Parent, teach your female children that their body should not be sold for money. Money is perishable and so is dignity!

I must recommend Falz for the beautiful piece. Watch the video below.

Boluwatife Ayinde
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