The Oscent Rouge by Alexandre J Is The Crème de la Crème Of All Fragrances

The Oscent Rouge by Alexandre J Is The Crème de la Crème Of All Fragrances

Fragrance speaks the loudest on a subliminal level, so it just has to be right – right for your personality and aura, style and status. A Fruity Woody scent fits almost every personality with a unique taste. It is a blend of the sweet smell of fruits with strong woody notes at the base – maybe cedar wood, santal wood, even a touch of Oud. One of such is Oscent Rouge, a new and alluring fragrance by Alexandre J!

Still not sure? Here’s 4 good reasons why you should go with this new and amazing floral woody scent!

Its Notes

Oscent rouge is fruity woody with head notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin & fig, heart notes of Rose, Jasmine, White Wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli and base notes of Musk, Vanilla & Tonka bean. This combination gives it a strong yet warm invigorating scent that thrills its wearers and perceivers all day long!

Its Performance

Nothing more annoying than spraying on a fragrance you like and have it disappear into thin air by mid-day. Oscent Rouge is not so. Its mesmerizing scent clings to your skin like silk and lingers on throughout the day, even up to 24 hours! Talk about value for money.

Its Uniqueness

Made with the some of the best raw materials sourced from around the world, The Oscent collection’s juice and packaging are all distinct, but the red of Oscent Rouge stands it out, it exudes warmth just by looking at it, and its alluring one-of-a-kind scent sealed the deal for this special fragrance.

Its Personality

In case you were trying to pin it as a lady or man’s scent, don’t please! Oscent Rouge has a diverse personality, intentionally designed for unique individuals no matter the sex. It is a joyous celebration of every living moment, with its keynote scent of sun-drenched figs, a symbol of life.






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