5 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working

5 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working

long distance relationship

So you fell in love with this dude, and he, with you. You start a relationship. Everything is fine until he gets a call to travel out of the country or vice versa. You can’t avoid these things sometimes. So you try to adjust to this change and are now in a long distance relationship. What are the signs that can help you know that your relationship isn’t heading for the rocks?

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  • You have an inner peace about this new arrangement. You feel that all is well between you and your boyfriend. Not like y’all don’t have your little fights now and then but you just know from the inside that at last everything would be fine.
  • You mutually support each other. Not like all the efforts to make the other person feel loved and cherished come only from one party but both of you are committed to making your love life full of love!
  • You have a positive outlook about your relationship. You and your partner have looked at every possible scenario where it could go wrong and have talked about it. You are ready. Nothing can take you by surprise.
    Long distance relationship
  • You don’t even think about breaking up. I mean what you have with this person is so real that that’s the very last thing on your mind to do, especially in the times of temporary misunderstanding. You know you and your partner have too much in common and at stake to break up.
  • You get the VIP treatment that you deserve. Even though your partner is miles away, you still feel so close to him like you can almost hold him. He is making all the right moves to keep you happy. You could never have wanted it better.

Not many people in long distance relationships can say much on how happy they are in it. But if you’ve got it sorted out (seeing these signs), then lucky you!

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